Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Friday, 29 June 2018

Gib Ihnen Kuchen

Welcome to the Friday Feeling 🎈🎈
To my youngest son who is 13 years old today...
 I was up before the alarm went off.
Time to take photos of the sun coming up.
 Wakes up the Birthday Boy...
He likes his cake I made.
 It means,"Give Them Cake!" in English.
The German looks better...
"Gib Ihnen Kuchen"
I decided to make a German based cake, as he loves learning German at school.
He is hoping to take it at High School.
Jack  opened all his cards and presents.
He loved all the balloons and bunting outside.
Gave them kisses when they all left.
I left later on in the sunshine.
 Back to the Doctors to pick up my new sick note...
 Chilling in the Doctor's waiting room.
 Wow that looks so nice....
 Nice price for jacket = £525
Trousers = £380
 Kenwood was second.
I looked over to a woman who was waiting also, she suddenly ripped a page of a magazine and put the offending page in her pocket.
Guess she liked the pink suit as well...
 Nipped into Morrisons.
The self-service wouldn't let me have a full cucumber only a half cucumber...
The Sales Assistant  soon told off the self- service till off and added the full cucumber to my bill...
Then the red light came flashing after I added the full cucumber to my bag....
Once the kids came home, they tried Jack's Birthday Cake...\o/
I took Jack to Kick-Boxing.
Hubby and James went off to watch some local wrestling.
We came back, had tea, and feet up to watch a Family film.
Hubby and James came back later...
We watched the sun do down...↓↓ 
 Off to bed early...
Far too much Friday Feeling for me to cope with 😎 

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