Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Friday 22 June 2018

Going Snooker Loopy

The Friday Feeling has arrived...
Kissed all the males of the family 
They went to work & school... 
Nibbles time...
 On a free group on FB someone wanted a zimmer frame.
I knew where one was going for free...
I got in touch with the person.
The sun was shining..
Went to see my dad and collected my late mum's zimmer frame...
 I came back with it.
I sat outside and wait for the zimmer frame.
 The man thanked me for the Zimmer frame.
Gets changed.
*Night out time..*
 We are at the Palace Theatre to see Dennis Taylor and John Virgo.
 Hubby meets them
 They check out the snooker table
John Virgo does his trick shots.↑↑
 Dennis Taylor tells his funny stories
 Q&A time
We had a good time.
 We leave as the sun is going down and the moon come out.
 Gets back home,
Falls straight asleep...
Just had too much Friday Feeling.


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