Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Friday 8 June 2018

Reality Bites

Woo hoo Friday is here again.
 The Friday Feeling helped a lot today.
It is getting desperate measures here.
Had to dig deep to put money into our bank account to cover the bills coming out.
I kissed hubby and kids before they left.
Now for coffee and nibbles..
I have a few negative people around me who is finding my desperate situation quite funny.
On the postive side, I have really good friends who in bad times, really help.
One friend was keeping me postive via text message 🙋🌟
Some other good friends delivered me some shopping yesterday  🌟🌟
 I gave them lots of thanks, big hugs and kisses.
I sorted out all the car boot stuff all ready for tomorrow.
 Finally sorted out the car insurance for the  Sexy Beast for another 12 months. 
I have let all my bosses know I might be going back to work next month after seeing my Doctor for the ok.
To add to my woes even more, I might even not have a 🍭 job to go back to 😩
The drive is coming on.
.What better to unstress to.....
Write another chapter of my new book..


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