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Friday 8 June 2018

Reality Bites

Woo hoo Friday is here again.
 The Friday Feeling helped a lot today.
It is getting desperate measures here.
Had to dig deep to put money into our bank account to cover the bills coming out.
I kissed hubby and kids before they left.
Now for coffee and nibbles..
I have a few negative people around me who is finding my desperate situation quite funny.
On the postive side, I have really good friends who in bad times, really help.
One friend was keeping me postive via text message 🙋🌟
Some other good friends delivered me some shopping yesterday  🌟🌟
 I gave them lots of thanks, big hugs and kisses.
I sorted out all the car boot stuff all ready for tomorrow.
 Finally sorted out the car insurance for the  Sexy Beast for another 12 months. 
I have let all my bosses know I might be going back to work next month after seeing my Doctor for the ok.
To add to my woes even more, I might even not have a 🍭 job to go back to 😩
The drive is coming on.
.What better to unstress to.....
Write another chapter of my new book..


Friday 23 February 2018

Enjoying Some Warm Love...

I felt a bit rough today.
( Drinking of any alcohol wasn't the cause!) 
Perhaps some Friday Feeling might help! 
Coffee & Nibbles...↓↓
Back to writing of the new book...
 My younger brother borrowed one of my sons to help him do my dad's shopping.
(My son knows when everything is,
And my dad has the same things every week)
 At least Henry is happy.
New bags has arrived! 
Now for chop chop...
After an hour...
It is served up...↓↓
 Spicy Pork, with Masala potatoes.
Served with Spinach Falafels and salad.
Had a lemsip....
I enjoyed the rest of Friday Evening....
Snugged up with my warm hubby in bed....;)


Friday 26 January 2018

Kick & Punch x 2

At last Friday has arrived with a skip and jump!
Enjoying lots of Friday Feeling with coffee.
 Finished season one.
Moved onto season two.
Getting back onto the writing..
 with the help of the new mouse.
 Put our tea on low in the oven.
I went to watch my hubby and kids do a bit of Kick Boxing.
They all have a good work out..
Dished up our lovely tea..
Chicken and Noodles..
Boot off, 
Foot up,
Now to enjoy my lovely hubby.....💋💋

Wednesday 15 November 2017

It's Just The Steps!

Welcome to my Hump of the Week.
I have had a much quieter day than yesterday.
Even had a little lie-in until 6.30am!
(Woo Hoo)
I felt my creative juice flowing..
Foot up, laptop out...
 I was expecting a visit from my brother and dad.
I got a lovely parcel through the post...
Big hooks only need apply!
20mm & 25mm
I have appointment to the hospital when I have the old cast off, and new cast put back on for 6 weeks.
Getting out of the house is going to be fun that day! 
My brother and dad turned up for tea and chat.
For some reason, my dad can still think I get into my car and drive.
I told him the clutch foot is still out of order..
Soaked the good foot..
 Now to break those big big hooks in...


Monday 20 February 2017

Keeping On Top Of It

The alarm went off....
I'm not the one on the wobbly work wheel,
Hubby is...
Still found time to have a quick play with the gear stick.
I was going to go back to bed...
 Until I realised....
My big Blog needed updating!!!!!
For my longer blog
is at↓↓
 I wrote 7  blog entries.
Published 29 blog entries!
That frees up some time for the finer things in life during this precious week's holiday.....
Fresh air, coffee and none wearing of those roller boots!

Sunday 7 August 2016

Promises, Promises!

Day 7 of the #BaraThon #Blogging challenge

My Promises To Myself

1:Smile more, even when those angry car drivers will not stop no matter how many times I wave my Lollipop stick in the air..
2:Try to carry on writing The Sleepily Village Mysteries 6.
3:Try having more hot steamy sex! 
(It might help with the writing block!)
4:Sometimes release the tact button from mouth and say it!
5: Hide the word "Mug" from your forehead with your fringe.

(It might light up at night, but no one will see it!)

6:Carry on writing the funny,humorous blogs.
(no matter how much negativity people throw at you!)
7:Use your warm hands a lot more
(Hubby will like that a lot)
8:Get back on the walking,
(the pavements miss you!)
9: Take no shit off former ex-husbands and siblings
10: Catch up on the smiling, as you didn't smile much when you were young!