Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday, 7 August 2016


Day 7 of the #BaraThon #Blogging challenge

My Promises To Myself

1:Smile more, even when those angry car drivers will not stop no matter how many times I wave my Lollipop stick in the air..
2:Try to carry on writing The Sleepily Village Mysteries 6.
3:Try having more hot steamy sex! 
(It might help with the writing block!)
4:Sometimes release the tact button from mouth and say it!
5: Hide the word "Mug" from your forehead with your fringe.

(It might light up at night, but no one will see it!)
6:Carry on writing the funny,humorous blogs.
(no matter how much negativity people throw at you!)
7:Use your warm hands a lot more
(Hubby will like that a lot)
8:Get back on the walking,
(the pavements miss you!)
9: Take no shit off former ex-husbands and siblings
10: Catch up on the smiling, as you didn't smile much when you were young!





1 comment:

  1. Sensible resolutions there. I'll wait for the funny humorous blog posts :-).