Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday, 8 August 2016

Burning Chins..

After the fun of waiting 6 hours to be rescued by Green Flag yesterday
(The Auxiliary Belt  had shredded it self)
I was nursing two red burnt arms...and Larry not going anywhere to be repaired just yet!
Walked to town for a nice coffee!
(needed to get out of the house after yesterday!)
Visited Poundland for more supplies.. 
Walked to my dad's (with kids in toe)
"You got to get rid of Larry, he is turning into another Money Pit!" My dad said.
Then walked back.
Results are:
2.86 miles
burnt off: 1089 Calories
I have put a complaint in to Green Flag about yesterday.
At least I won't be walking the streets alone for the next 4 weeks.
(I will have 2 bodyguards with me)

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