Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Friday 23 February 2018

Enjoying Some Warm Love...

I felt a bit rough today.
( Drinking of any alcohol wasn't the cause!) 
Perhaps some Friday Feeling might help! 
Coffee & Nibbles...↓↓
Back to writing of the new book...
 My younger brother borrowed one of my sons to help him do my dad's shopping.
(My son knows when everything is,
And my dad has the same things every week)
 At least Henry is happy.
New bags has arrived! 
Now for chop chop...
After an hour...
It is served up...↓↓
 Spicy Pork, with Masala potatoes.
Served with Spinach Falafels and salad.
Had a lemsip....
I enjoyed the rest of Friday Evening....
Snugged up with my warm hubby in bed....;)


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