Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Friday, 9 February 2018

Getting Back On It!

It is now finally here...
(Big sign of relief!)
I had a early coffee..
 Then my friend turned up..
(It was starting to snow outside)
Kettle went on.
Time for yak yak.
Biscuits and cake were served.
After 3 hours of yak yak,
My friend left.
I had a nice surprise in the post.
 Loads of ribbon!
The Family Court in London had signed and sealed the paperwork so my hubby can have joint parental responsibility for J + J \o/
While hubby and kids went to Kick Boxing,
I did some chop chop..↓
 Nice recipe

 Yum yum.
It's snuggle Friday Night.
Catch up with the final 3 episodes of:
I will make sure my hands will be nice and warm tonight....👐 



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