Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

To Be Or Not To Be.....

Welcome to my Hump of the Week.
Had my first nibble and coffee of the day.
 Getting out of the house \o/
I popped into see Joe at Omega Therapies 
Got a nice smoking house :)
Now off to the hospital..
I saw the Consultant.
He touched the back of my left leg.
I screamed very LOUD...!!
More exercises need to be done by left leg..
Seeing him again in three weeks...
Visited town to get a watch strap for a new watch that lasted 24 hours 😬 
Market wasn't on
(Will try again on Saturday)
Found what I needed...↓
Remember the advert???↓↓
 Was we going to have something or not?
I thought about it...💭
 Of course we were...
Hazlenut nut latte....
(From next Wednesday, no chocolate or cake for the whole of Lent!😮) 
I looked up at the ceiling lights while drinking my coffee..
 Looked alot like my lamp shade I got at home..
Chatted with a old mate from my days at Royal Mail. \o/
He told me to be good...
He knows from old, I won't be 😈  
Gets home and has another cooking book delivered...:)
I had a chilled afternoon hunting down a Barry Manilow song I heard yesterday, but couldn't remember the title...
Soon found it :)
 I did more chop chop while I was listening to more good 70s music
The tasty result was:↓↓
Jerky Chicken,Stir Fry & Rice. 
Another  tough decision to make...
More Judge Rinder or House MD.....?
Let me think...💭 

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