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Thursday, 19 May 2022

Road Trip To....

Friends come and go, but enemies accumulate - Murphy's Law.
Welcome to my Thursday 🚗
Nice big warm hug to start the day off with.
Brew with Breakfast.
No thermal vest needed.
It's going to be warm!
I left the house early to fetch a Magic Bag.
Nice crane moving about.
Collects the magic bag.
Goes and gets the newspaper.
Now back home.
Coffee machine goes on....
Blue summer dress goes on.
And back out we go.
Drops off son at school.
Then we start on the roadtrip....
Park up.
Now to look for bargains in the charity shops.
We went into 4 and didn't buy anything.
We looked into the Christmas Show.
Then off for a much needed coffee with nibble.
Now to carry on walking....
We were going to have lunch,
But we looked at the menu.
Too expensive. 
Back to explore Stratford.
Now to hit more Charity Shops.
My dad's favourite film↑↑
Every John Wayne film for £28.
I was tempted....
We had a lunch on a bench where the market normally is on a Saturday.
Now to walk that lunch off by going back to the car.
Then off to the Reuse Centre to get more bargains.
Then off to Aldi to get something for tea.
I saw one of my friends in the car park,
(Who I chat too in the afternoon)
She went off to work.
Goes in and gets out tea.
Phone goes, it's my lollipop boss up at my spot asking why I'm not on duty!
I booked it off last week to spend some valuble time with hubby after yesterday.
He didn't get the email!
Back home.
Unpacks the bargains I got.
While I wrote 2 blog posts.
Hubby made the tea.
Looked into today's newspaper.
UK No.1 on this day in 1973:
Wizzard - See My Baby Jive.
USA No.1 on this day in 1973:
Stevie Wonder - You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
Hubby and I watched the lovely sunset..
Sleep tea time.
Hubby's snoring went extreme loud.
I could hear it through my earplugs.
Back on the settee I went to sleep...
Friday Feeling's back tomorrow  🎈



Wednesday, 7 February 2018

To Be Or Not To Be.....

Welcome to my Hump of the Week.
Had my first nibble and coffee of the day.
 Getting out of the house \o/
I popped into see Joe at Omega Therapies 
Got a nice smoking house :)
Now off to the hospital..
I saw the Consultant.
He touched the back of my left leg.
I screamed very LOUD...!!
More exercises need to be done by left leg..
Seeing him again in three weeks...
Visited town to get a watch strap for a new watch that lasted 24 hours 😬 
Market wasn't on
(Will try again on Saturday)
Found what I needed...↓
Remember the advert???↓↓
 Was we going to have something or not?
I thought about it...💭
 Of course we were...
Hazlenut nut latte....
(From next Wednesday, no chocolate or cake for the whole of Lent!😮) 
I looked up at the ceiling lights while drinking my coffee..
 Looked alot like my lamp shade I got at home..
Chatted with a old mate from my days at Royal Mail. \o/
He told me to be good...
He knows from old, I won't be 😈  
Gets home and has another cooking book delivered...:)
I had a chilled afternoon hunting down a Barry Manilow song I heard yesterday, but couldn't remember the title...
Soon found it :)
 I did more chop chop while I was listening to more good 70s music
The tasty result was:↓↓
Jerky Chicken,Stir Fry & Rice. 
Another  tough decision to make...
More Judge Rinder or House MD.....?
Let me think...💭