Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Dropping Of The Pan...

Enjoying some company on this Tuesday.
My kids still cleaning their bedrooms.
The 60's pop music went on...
1st coffee of the day
Keeping the kinky black boot on for 50% of the day,
As had terrible pains walking around all day yesterday without it on :( 

Sleeves rolled up...
Chop chop time...
Slow roasted Pork, with lemons, Sage and Fennel bulbs, soaking in white wine,in my slow cooker.
The man collected the commode and frame.
It didn't help the  pan of the commode dropped off when he was dragging it out of my back garden...
"They put the wheels on the wrong way round!" he said.
The pan dropped off once more while he dragged the commode down the path. Because he parked too close to the fence, he couldn't get it in the back of the van, 
so van had to moved up a few yards....
 More coffee needed after watching that!
Sorted out all of my magazines.
Read them, I didn't get round too.
While watching more..
One big pile that is being dropped off at my local Charity Shop...
I'm keeping the Good Food magazines.
As there were a few nice recipes to try out..
I have a date with a certain person tomorrow..
 Warm hands needed! 

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