Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday 19 February 2018

Using Lots Of Cash.

Welcome to that Monday Feeling.
Start of the half-term school holidays..
I still managed to have tea in bed..
The main aim is to get the kids to tidy their bedrooms..
(Them having no internet helps) 
First coffee for a Monday....↓↓ 
 3 piles of books the kids made.
Charity shop, Ebay, give away piles.
I guess one of my kids likes a certain song, as it kept being played by Alexa..
I played one of  favourites of Johnny Cash's.
Rock and Roll music was being played for the rest of the day....
Tried the Meat Free Monday..
Difficult choice of what to watch.....
Soon finished off Season Three....
Moving onto...
More tidying of their bedrooms planned tomorrow....
I am planning a nice meal tomorrow
  White wine is being added...
(No drinking it involved!)

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