Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Homemade Nibbles..

Welcome to my Tuesday.
I had a message from one of sons about going to the Valentine Disco at school...
 I had a good friend coming round for coffee and chat...
Got the kinky black boot on ready..
 So better start of the day like you have to...
 My friend came...
Yak Yak Yak..
Now for a bit of tart...🍴
(Out came the nice plates..)
 Tart was gone..
Now for a bit of nibble...↓↓
more coffee..
 After yakking for over 4 hours, my good friend left.
My new trainers arrived,
My left foot is still swollen,
Plus the pain came back at the back of my foot :(. 
Lets now slip it into the foot spa...
 Put mouth battery on charge..
Relaxing with some juicy  court action from Judge Rinder.....
All ready for the Hump Day action tomorrow,
I am going to enjoy ;)

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