Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Not Cold But Frozen!

Having another ride outside today!
 Got into the car park to the Doctors a bit early..
 While in the waiting room.
My hubby kissed me while a doctor walked past...and he looked back at us! 💋💋
I now have a Frozen Shoulder,
It could take up to 12 months to go.
As for left foot...
The Doctor says "Patience is needed for it to heal."
I replied,"I have the patience of Job".
I have another sick note...
(If I could go to work, I surely would)
Back to the warm house to enjoy coffee.. 
Looked through some cooking books for ideas for tea tonight.
 Now to do some chop chop...
Had to replace the Taleggio chesse for Gruyere cheese.
Another lovely recipe made :)
Had to catch up with loads of episodes of:
 Hubby went to bed early...
I joined him later with some cold hands that needed warming up....


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