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Friday 9 February 2018

Getting Back On It!

It is now finally here...
(Big sign of relief!)
I had a early coffee..
 Then my friend turned up..
(It was starting to snow outside)
Kettle went on.
Time for yak yak.
Biscuits and cake were served.
After 3 hours of yak yak,
My friend left.
I had a nice surprise in the post.
 Loads of ribbon!
The Family Court in London had signed and sealed the paperwork so my hubby can have joint parental responsibility for J + J \o/
While hubby and kids went to Kick Boxing,
I did some chop chop..↓
 Nice recipe

 Yum yum.
It's snuggle Friday Night.
Catch up with the final 3 episodes of:
I will make sure my hands will be nice and warm tonight....👐 



Monday 18 December 2017

Signed,Sealed & Delivered!

Welcome to that Monday Feeling.
Been out and about today...\o/
Had a bit of tinsel wrapped around the foot
to get in the festive mood.
 Nipped into...
Said hello to the staff in the cafe.
(They missed me not being there :))
Breakfast and coffee time..
Off to Worcester Magistrates Court
So hubby can have
Parental Responsibility over our kids.
 All signed, sealed, and delivered.
The fog was coming down on the way home.
Tardebigge Church in the back ground.
Now to catch up with some Law and Order with a bit of tinsel!