Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday 14 June 2018

Lick, Stick & Paste x 3

Welcome to my Thursday.
I was feeling under the weather... 
Went out to get some fresh air..
 Breathe in, Breathe out x 2
Time for coffee!
I got all my card crap out to play with.
Alexa playing some good Disco tunes for me to sing along with...
I made 2 Birthday Cards and 1 Father's Day Card.
The kids are making their own Father's Day cards.... 
Done just in time for lunchtime!
I left the house to see my dad.
Had a good chat.
Watched a good film until the end.
Followed by
 I was enjoying myself watching Lovejoy,
I forgot the time!
Said goodbye to my dad, and off home we went.
Hugs and kisses my lovely hubby...
Went out to deliver one of the Birthday Cards I made earlier...
Comes back, the sun is still trying to go down...↓↓↓
Countdown to the Friday Feeling....


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