Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Nice Things To Make & Eat

 Welcome to my Tuesday...
I enjoyed my first cup of tea in bed...
 Gave my hubby a big 💋 before he went to work..
I was waiting to hear if my friend was coming over today...
In the meantime I had a coffee..
 Angela started on the toilet rolls
 Off our for a little ride in Sexy Beast..
 We popped round to see my dad.
 He has grapes growing in his back garden.
We left to have some light lunch...
 I sat outside to eat it.
 I brought back some tubes for the gerbil from my Job↓
 I made a homemade lasagna↑↓
Tasted really nice....
Now back onto the final season of
 Is it going to be a Wet or Dry Hump tomorrow?

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