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Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Nice Things To Make & Eat

 Welcome to my Tuesday...
I enjoyed my first cup of tea in bed...
 Gave my hubby a big 💋 before he went to work..
I was waiting to hear if my friend was coming over today...
In the meantime I had a coffee..
 Angela started on the toilet rolls
 Off our for a little ride in Sexy Beast..
 We popped round to see my dad.
 He has grapes growing in his back garden.
We left to have some light lunch...
 I sat outside to eat it.
 I brought back some tubes for the gerbil from my Job↓
 I made a homemade lasagna↑↓
Tasted really nice....
Now back onto the final season of
 Is it going to be a Wet or Dry Hump tomorrow?

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Itchy Left Hand Means Trouble...

There is a forecast of some light snow later..
I'm ready for it and so is Larry.
Made homemade Lasagna for tea.
A few days ago my left hand was itching...
(That normally means - pay out on Larry or something...)
Well it died on us while we were watching "The Simpsons".

We are using our telly from our bedroom.
Now what we were going to do in our bedroom without the telly????