Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday 15 March 2016

Nice To Feel Wanted!

I have had a mixed bag today.
Woo Hoo I managed to get a Doctor's appointment for this week.
Visited Dentist ( So I could get a letter for the Hospital to take out the tooth next to the wisdom tooth)
Cost £18.
Grabbed a quick take away M&S coffee.
One parent decides I am not really needed to cross the children over twice  a day.
(He is sulking as I am having 3 days off next week to recover from the Operation)
"There are traffic lights they can use to cross the road, so you ain't needed!" He said.
(Nice to feel wanted!)
Majority of parents want me there, only a minority don't.
Damned when I am there, Damned when I'm not.
Let's hope Hump Day tomorrow is a lot better!

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