Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday 17 March 2016

The Good, The Bad And The Chaos

The word that described today!
Got 2 plastic cowboy sets from B&M Bargains.
I got one brown leather belt in the sale for a £1 at Sainsbury's.
The hunt was on for another one.
Salvation Army Charity Shop had one for 50p.
Gets home to make the gun holsters, only got one sheet of brown felt.
The hunt is back on!
The 1st Haberdashery shop I visited was shut.
Second one, she was open, I bought all her brown felt!
(One shirt and shoulder holsters failed to be delivered off EBay :()
Good job I had a Plan B!
More tablets from Doctor for my Baker's cyst.
By 11pm, I had finished making both gun belts.
Complete with gun holsters, handcuffs and spare bullets!
My children  are now ready to play Audie Murphy and Clint Eastwood for Sports Relief tomorrow!

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