Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Found The Reason!

Welcome to the start of the weekend...
Started Saturday off with a nibble and a bacon sandwich!
It was too late to visit Pershore.
So we visited Alcester instead.
Brisk visit around the Charity Shops.
Hubby forgot the list for Waitrose.
(He had a smack on the bottom for that!)
Just about remembered what was on the list.
The free coffee helped with that.
Now got my son's ingredients for this three course meal he has to make at school,
As part of Year 7's "Chef Of The Year!"
I meanwhile found out the reason why I need stronger glasses....
(I bought it from one of the Charity Shops)



  1. heeey...where are the pics from your visit? :-)

    1. Hi Lexy, the pics will be on the big blog, "The Life and Loves Of A Domestic Goddess". It will be published next Saturday :)
      Glad you enjoy the blog xx