Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday 26 March 2016

Getting The Leg Over!

At last we reached Saturday.
Exploring Time again!
On the way there, we passed a dead pheasant.
We didn't stop in time to pick it up,
As that could have been tonight's tea!
We visited Pershore.
I found some car keys in a car park.
Handed them into the Police.
Didn't get much at all from the Charity Shops :(
On the way back we did some exploring some of Evesham's history.
We visited the Leicester Tower.
 We could have walked a few miles to see the Evesham Obelisk.
However heavy rain was due at any minute.
So back across the field to the stile to get my leg over!
That was a sight for some sore eyes!


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