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Monday 7 August 2023

Filling In The Gaps!

 My last credit card bill was so big, before I opened it I actually heard a drum roll - Rita Rudner
Hi all 👍
Just a quick update from the last one I did 4 weeks ago...💥
I broke up for the Summer Holiday from my lollipop job 🍭
I had some nice cards,presents and words from the parents and children.
I wore hubby out on his week off from work ...↓
We visited Evesham, Stratford upon Avon, and Kidderminster↓
For the rest of the time off,
It involves:
  1. Baking
  2. Blogging (only 6 more weeks of blog posts to write)
  3. Booking a holiday to Las Vegas for the next school holiday 
  4. Getting back to using my sewing machine(s)....
  5. Sequinned outfits will have to be worn too 😎
I have published two weeks of May.
Just as we went to Blackpool for Whitsun.
We didn't bump into Russ Abbot while we were there....↓
(Hubby's late dad was there in Blackpool when they were filming the TV series September Song which was released in 1993↓)
Hopefully the blog will be updated by the time I get back to work.....🙏

Monday 31 July 2023

One Bad Monday!

If anything can go wrong, it will - Murphy's Law
Welcome to what a bad Monday it is going to turn out to be 😔
The bed was well used last night ;)
We used the lovely shower as well ;)
Get dressed.
Goes down to breakfast.
No menus were on the table to see what we could have. Tired to open the bag of Alpen and it exploded everywhere!
No bin to put the empty wrapper in.
Another guest had to pass over the menu.
I had poached eggs on toast.
Back to our room to pack.
Quick coffee.
The views from our bedroom window.
I didn't enjoy the stay this time.
Not coming again after this.
Handed the card back in, and didn't even get asked if we enjoyed our stay!
Puts the bag in the car.
Now to dodge the sheep on the way out.
On the way to Evesham ....
Parks  the car and goes and looks for some bargains....
Nice statues...
We went for coffee....
It started to rain when we were going back to the car.
We nipped into Waitrose....
Went back to the car, and on the way to Lidl's.
The Housing Officer phoned up, about the questions I left for on Friday. Especially about the outstanding repairs that need doing.Then about the state of the house next door. He would let me know about it.
Goes into Lidl's to get the week's remaining shopping done.
Still raining on the way home.
Finally gets home.
Unpacks the car.
Loads of post.
(No wonder we had nothing on Saturday!)
One letter was from the Council.
I was livid, and filled out the piece of paper they needed back by the 17th August.
I fancy to go to Worcester court
(Nice this time of the year!)
I wanted for than 15 minutes in the court.
The reason, is I have the blue piece of paper from the Plumber from last Wednesday who did the annual gas inspection!
I went to the Post Office to post it off!
I popped into see my friend on the way back.
I phoned a Councillor up on the way back home to explain the court letter from the Council.
Back home to unpack all my bargains.
Cup of tea is needed as well.
Quick look into today's newspaper.
Tea time.
Opened a Fortune Cookie...
I wrote 3 blog posts....
Sleep Tea Time.
Now off to bed, hoping tomorrow will be a better day.





Saturday 20 October 2018

Back On The Road Again...

Woo hoo Saturday is here.
I woke up far too early for a Saturday.
 I made full use of it,
By listening to "Sounds Of The 60's"
 Nice cup of tea...
Caught up on the blog.
Now for coffee..↓
 My pack arrived ↓
 Going to bake some cakes to make some money for the above charity ↑↑
 Nice bacon and black pudding sandwich.
 Now out for a road trip.
The leggings had to go on....↓
Road trip time.
 We gets to Evesham.
 Lovely Autumn colours
 The bandstand
 The church on the hill
 We walked around Evesham visiting the Charity Shops.
 I sat down and looked at tower, while hubby added a further £1 for parking in the car park
 I enjoyed a lovely Cornish Pastry↑
We visited a Farm Shop on the way back.
(I won't be returning to it again!)
 Quick drink↑
We visit my dad on the way back.
Quick coffee↓
 Gets back home to unpack the lovely things we bought.
 The kids have got some lovely clothes to wear.
Here are some following items we bought:

 We popped over to see my Father-in-law.
I think he had forgotten I can talk for England!
When we got back.
First film of the boxset...
 Hubby went to bed after the film.
I stayed up to watch the News.
I woke up later....↓
Better get to that warm bed!