Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Back On The Road Again...

Woo hoo Saturday is here.
I woke up far too early for a Saturday.
 I made full use of it,
By listening to "Sounds Of The 60's"
 Nice cup of tea...
Caught up on the blog.
Now for coffee..↓
 My pack arrived ↓
 Going to bake some cakes to make some money for the above charity ↑↑
 Nice bacon and black pudding sandwich.
 Now out for a road trip.
The leggings had to go on....↓
Road trip time.
 We gets to Evesham.
 Lovely Autumn colours
 The bandstand
 The church on the hill
 We walked around Evesham visiting the Charity Shops.
 I sat down and looked at tower, while hubby added a further £1 for parking in the car park
 I enjoyed a lovely Cornish Pastry↑
We visited a Farm Shop on the way back.
(I won't be returning to it again!)
 Quick drink↑
We visit my dad on the way back.
Quick coffee↓
 Gets back home to unpack the lovely things we bought.
 The kids have got some lovely clothes to wear.
Here are some following items we bought:

 We popped over to see my Father-in-law.
I think he had forgotten I can talk for England!
When we got back.
First film of the boxset...
 Hubby went to bed after the film.
I stayed up to watch the News.
I woke up later....↓
Better get to that warm bed!

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