Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Brighter Times Ahead

Welcome to Thursday...
Tossing & Turning all night...
Wakes up to have breakfast in bed.
 Mmmm what t-shirt am I going to wear for the last day of term???
I was out early as I was having a Tarot reading done by my good friend, Joe at Omega Therapies
 Going to have a good 2019.😊
Gets back home to enjoy rolls with vitamin C
 Looks out the front door.
 The drive is blocked once more.
Off for the final day at Job 1.
 I had to wait ten minutes for it to move.
 Bye bye house .
 It still not very warm↑↑
 Enjoying the quiet of the car park↑↓
 I see Hanbury Church↑
 Nice last day.
 Visited my dad.
Still not too warm.
Nice to see my house again↓
 The path is clear for the moment.
Later on,
I dropped off Sexy Beast to have his service tomorrow↓
 I have lots to do tomorrow,
Without Sexy Beast.
Plenty of Friday Feeling to enjoy!

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