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Thursday, 25 October 2018

Brighter Times Ahead

Welcome to Thursday...
Tossing & Turning all night...
Wakes up to have breakfast in bed.
 Mmmm what t-shirt am I going to wear for the last day of term???
I was out early as I was having a Tarot reading done by my good friend, Joe at Omega Therapies
 Going to have a good 2019.😊
Gets back home to enjoy rolls with vitamin C
 Looks out the front door.
 The drive is blocked once more.
Off for the final day at Job 1.
 I had to wait ten minutes for it to move.
 Bye bye house .
 It still not very warm↑↑
 Enjoying the quiet of the car park↑↓
 I see Hanbury Church↑
 Nice last day.
 Visited my dad.
Still not too warm.
Nice to see my house again↓
 The path is clear for the moment.
Later on,
I dropped off Sexy Beast to have his service tomorrow↓
 I have lots to do tomorrow,
Without Sexy Beast.
Plenty of Friday Feeling to enjoy!

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Say It With....

It was nice to be in bed..
Drinking tea, listening to some Birthday wishes on the radio for Wednesday  
Followed by nibbles...↓↓
Went outside for a short ride....↓
 I visited my mum, and said it with some red roses..🌹🌹🌹
 I got dropped home, while hubby and kids did the food shopping.
I had to have a lemsip,
(As I felt rough)
we had run out of coffee!!!
Hubby had to buy some other kind of coffee.
As Morrisons didn't sell the Costa Rican!
So I ordered a jar from Amazon Pantry instead...
 Time for the kinky black boot to experience some more fresh air....
The Fence got tied back...↓
 We had the moon out...
the sun...😎
Nice blue skies...↑↑ 
 Hubby was wrapped up
As it was just 2c
And the wind chill made it feel freezing...
The tree had a hair cut ready for Spring...
Kids had to get things ready as
Back to school they go tomorrow! 
(After a week's holiday!)