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Saturday 22 June 2019

Visiting Old Friends!

“Oh my sweet Saturday,
I have been waiting for you for six long days”
Charmaine J Forde 

At last we reach Saturday!
I missed "The Sounds of the 60s"
We had tea in bed.  
 The sunshine is out at last.
 We visit B&M bargains to get some bits.
I price up the tins of paint.
 I pop over to see some late friends↓

 He wasn't very old when he passed away↓
 I actually visited this grave for the first time, as I keep seeing it when I go pass after visiting my mum's grave↓
 I gave my mum some more flowers↓
 Blue skies \o/
 Looking at more paint↓
 It's getting warm!
 We visit Dunelm↓
 My favourite drink!
(I have been tee-total for nearly 6 years!)
My table is looking nice :)
 The bed is covered in so much,
We ran out of time to get it off...
Our bed for tonight is:
Must not forget the earplugs!

Sunday 13 May 2018

Sunday Boost!

I woke up far too early...
Dish washer was put on, 
Quick play with hubby,
Then back to sleep...
Later on the tea came out...↓
 The big sunglasses came out↓
Now for a little ride to...↓↓
 We had a visit from a Fire Engine...
 Nice tables and chairs for the garden..
 After doing the food shopping...
Time for a Boost!
 After two hours of messing about,
trying to put the gate up....
We did it!
 Off to see my late mum...
(with flowers)
After long conversation,
We came home to clouds...
There was not a decent stuff to watch on telly.
Out came the boxset again...
I was thinking about playing with Kenny tomorrow.As he has been whimpering non stop since Kane arrived...
It might stop my baking hand from itching too!


Saturday 10 March 2018

Things We Do To Get Coffee...

Up early this morning...
 Listened to "Sounds of the 60s"
So much good music to listen to.
Afterwards a nice hot shower.
Then it's off in the rain for a little ride..
 My mother's early Mother's Day Present 💮
 Sky full of rain..
 My own lake on my drive..
I went for my yearly Tarot reading.
Even though I have still got 4 jobs,
I will still lose one...
(I'm guessing I know which one,
and its not the one I am been rehired for)
Only getting Mother's Day presents from
2 sons.......
Then I went to see my mum.
 Had a little talk about things...
(In the pouring rain)
 Back home for coffee and to dry out.
 Time to do some chop chop for tonight's evening meal.
Hubby & Jack went to visit...

They brought me a present....
 They are ready now..
 I finally got the hang of making Flower Looms last night after the third attempt.
Going to try to make some more while watching the Saturday Night Movie...
Might even get to chance to watch second film...
If I can keep my eyes open.....