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Thursday, 25 October 2018

Brighter Times Ahead

Welcome to Thursday...
Tossing & Turning all night...
Wakes up to have breakfast in bed.
 Mmmm what t-shirt am I going to wear for the last day of term???
I was out early as I was having a Tarot reading done by my good friend, Joe at Omega Therapies
 Going to have a good 2019.😊
Gets back home to enjoy rolls with vitamin C
 Looks out the front door.
 The drive is blocked once more.
Off for the final day at Job 1.
 I had to wait ten minutes for it to move.
 Bye bye house .
 It still not very warm↑↑
 Enjoying the quiet of the car park↑↓
 I see Hanbury Church↑
 Nice last day.
 Visited my dad.
Still not too warm.
Nice to see my house again↓
 The path is clear for the moment.
Later on,
I dropped off Sexy Beast to have his service tomorrow↓
 I have lots to do tomorrow,
Without Sexy Beast.
Plenty of Friday Feeling to enjoy!

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Things We Do To Get Coffee...

Up early this morning...
 Listened to "Sounds of the 60s"
So much good music to listen to.
Afterwards a nice hot shower.
Then it's off in the rain for a little ride..
 My mother's early Mother's Day Present 💮
 Sky full of rain..
 My own lake on my drive..
I went for my yearly Tarot reading.
Even though I have still got 4 jobs,
I will still lose one...
(I'm guessing I know which one,
and its not the one I am been rehired for)
Only getting Mother's Day presents from
2 sons.......
Then I went to see my mum.
 Had a little talk about things...
(In the pouring rain)
 Back home for coffee and to dry out.
 Time to do some chop chop for tonight's evening meal.
Hubby & Jack went to visit...

They brought me a present....
 They are ready now..
 I finally got the hang of making Flower Looms last night after the third attempt.
Going to try to make some more while watching the Saturday Night Movie...
Might even get to chance to watch second film...
If I can keep my eyes open.....