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Wednesday 23 June 2021

Plants & Pants!

 I'm no angel, but I've spread my wings a bit - Mae West
 Welcome to my Hump of the Week 🐫
Hubby's back is giving him problems...
A little rub helped!
Extra warm hug and brew helped.
Both kids were at home today.
I still opened their bedroom windows.
Gave out sloppy wet 💋💋💋
On goes those big big sunglasses.
On goes the Summer Coat.
Let the fun start....
No sighting of the Lambo today.
Nice view of Rolls Royce with the gold lady on top of the Bonnet instead...
Blue skies and it was getting warm!
Finished in one piece.
Now to take a little ride in Sexy Beast.
I got some things for the Birthday Cake I am making for my youngest son's Birthday next week and some nice reduced items!
Still have to prove my age!
Now for some cold coffee..
The temperature is going up when I got home.
Hubby's new pants arrived and more plants for me was delivered!
Before I put the shopping away.
I cleaned out the fridge, and sorted out all the food in there!
Looking a lot better now!
Puts all the food away.
Feeds the birds.
Waters the plants.
Repots the plants that came earlier.
I received my P45 from my old Cleaner job.
Time for lunch!
I find out my new trainers I bought last year, that I can actually fit into now!
Now out to do the afternoon shift.
Once I turned on my lights, I sat on the bench in the park in the shade. One parent didn't like it and had to sit on the bench further up.
Now for the fun to start!
One learner driver nearly ended up with a cracked windscreen, as my lollypop stick was in the middle of the road. It looked the Driving Instructor slammed on the brakes!
Then another car failed to stop on that side, and my stick nearly went BONG BONG on his car roof when he went past!
One Elderly gentleman had to slam his brakes on as my lollypop stick was in way of going further. I could hear the gums banging when I crossed over the road, and when I returned back to the pavement. I put my hand up to say thank you for stopping....
What a afternoon!
Back home for a suck on a lolly!
My neighbour's son had some spare flowers left over at work.
(Good job I have 3 bags of compost
some pots!)
Tea is served.
Now to repot as many plants as I can before it gets dark!
I ran out of compost and pots!!
I still had plants left and some plants coming in the post tomorrow!
Back out tomorrow to get more pots and compost!
The old sofa was put out for collection.
By 9.45pm I had finished watering the plants I had planted...
I was so tired.....
Gave hubby a back rub to help with the pain......
Let's hope the sunshine carries on tomorrow....



Monday 21 June 2021

Trying To Get It In!

 "It is better for you to be free of fear lying upon a pallet, than to have a golden couch and a rich table and be full of trouble." ~ Epicurus
Welcome aboard my Wobbly Work Wheel 🎡

Hubby was having half a day off to help bring in the sofa we are having delivered.
But first, hug with brew.
Got one son up for school.
Next to give out sloppy wet 💋💋💋 .
It was feeling a bit cold, so I had a lightweight jacket under my Summer coat.
Tree shot↑↑
Several cars failed to stop, they just went under my stick, like I wasn't there!
No lambo this morning.....
(Must be in the garage)
At least the sun is starting to come out!
I finished in one piece.
Now fun to deal with the sofa being delivered!
The sofa came, then there were problems.
Hubby pulled his back out trying to lift it.
Couldn't fit the sofa through the archway.
Over the fence it went instead.
The younger son and me then tried to get it through the front door!
Finally got it in!
We put the yellow covers back over it...
Much needed coffee time!
Then to drop off some clothes at the recycle bin at Sainsburys.
Then to see if any brother has left anything on my dad's grave for Father's Day 🎈
Younger brother added some Xmas red berries, red flower and two other fake flowers to the grave. He did put up against the bench a fake orchid plant, which I moved to the grave and is on show.
I will order the 80th Birthday balloons for my dad's birthday later on today.
Get's back home.
Gave hubby a big sloppy 💋 as he went back to work.
I meanwhile have to put all the pictures back up on the hall wall!
I had a email from the Cleaning Firm,
I am having my tax refunded in this month's wages \o/
Then light lunch afterwards.
Back out for the afternoon session.
A couple of car drivers, totally ignored my big stick when I was walking out into the road.
They carried on going.....(on the other side of the road)
I was glad I bought a cold drink with me, as it was well warm!
My friend appeared with his dog and we had a good chat up to 4pm.
Back home for me.
I had some making up the time with some reading of the newspapers.
As I had a bit of me-time, I started to read from May 24th upwards.
One interesting bit about an alarm clock↓
I had my tea made by one of sons...
Nice bit of Stir Fry.
I just finished reading the last newspaper when hubby came home from visiting his dad.
All went in the recycle bin.
Quick catch up of today's events....
The sofa feels really nice to sit on.....
We didn't stop long in the living room, as the temperatures were dropping, and we needed to get under that 16 tog duvet! 





Thursday 11 March 2021

Back To The Bingeing!

Never try to keep up with the Joneses.It's much cheaper to drag them down to your level - Quentin Crisp 
Welcome to my Thursday 💪
Nice cuppa and hug to start the day!
I got kids up ready for school.
Gave a sloppy wet 💋 to hubby before he left for work.
Gave all kids their 💋💋 before they left for school.
I went outside for some fresh air...
First coffee of the day.
I started on writing my blog post from yesterday.
Still no sign of my paint order!
I checked on the delivery, and they tried at 10 to 7am to deliver it!!!
Funny I didn't hear no knock on the front door!
I gets onto customer services to explain where my house is, and gave them my phone number!
Try again tomorrow!
At least Amazon know where my house is!
My white vinegar arrived!
A bit of that went in the washing machine.
Soon after some Baking Soda went in.
It seems to have done the trick!
When I finished writing my blog post.
Just in time for lunch!
While I was loading up the dishwasher there was a knock at the front door!
The Plumber had arrived to do the check on the boiler \o/
"You found me!" I laughed.
Before heading up the stairs:
I told him there was some buzzing coming from the boiler at night, and it's not the buzzing from my rabbit either!
He laughed.
When he came downstairs, he said the buzzing was the fan from the boiler.
I told him "It's about time the Council replaced the 15 year old boiler by now."
He replied,"It will be soon."
He checked the oven, and the gas meter under the stairs.
I thanked him for coming and said goodbye.
Tea at 3
I fried some beef, with mushrooms, onions and garlic.
Rolled out the pastry, added the bird.
In the oven that went.
While looking on Netflix,
I found a good series right up my street.
The amount of stars in it.
There are 3 seasons to binge on.
A new season started on ITV last month.
Time for pie!
Judge Ringer
One of teachers at my kids's school is leaving just before Easter.Both kids like him alot.
Ordered a Leaving Card and present.
As when favourite teachers leave, they leave a big hole.
My son is doing a English exam on Creative Writing on the subject Lost tomorrow.
We put our heads together and added more ideas to the great story.
His teacher said earlier that his story reminded him of the tv programme "Lost".
I never watched it. 
It just happens to be on Disney +
So my son started to watch the first series...
Hubby was visiting his dad.
I had some of my own bingewatching to do...
I had my sleep tea earlier than normal.
Hubby came back to have a sloppy wet 💋
He gave me today's newspaper.
Hubby started to fall asleep.
I sent him off to bed as I had the final episode to watch.
Brilliant ending to the first series \o/
Time for bed...
Or so I thought.
I couldn't nod off due to excess snoring.
Back to the sofa for me...
Oh well.....
Friday Feeling is back tomorrow 🎈