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Thursday, 11 March 2021

Back To The Bingeing!

Never try to keep up with the Joneses.It's much cheaper to drag them down to your level - Quentin Crisp 
Welcome to my Thursday 💪
Nice cuppa and hug to start the day!
I got kids up ready for school.
Gave a sloppy wet 💋 to hubby before he left for work.
Gave all kids their 💋💋 before they left for school.
I went outside for some fresh air...
First coffee of the day.
I started on writing my blog post from yesterday.
Still no sign of my paint order!
I checked on the delivery, and they tried at 10 to 7am to deliver it!!!
Funny I didn't hear no knock on the front door!
I gets onto customer services to explain where my house is, and gave them my phone number!
Try again tomorrow!
At least Amazon know where my house is!
My white vinegar arrived!
A bit of that went in the washing machine.
Soon after some Baking Soda went in.
It seems to have done the trick!
When I finished writing my blog post.
Just in time for lunch!
While I was loading up the dishwasher there was a knock at the front door!
The Plumber had arrived to do the check on the boiler \o/
"You found me!" I laughed.
Before heading up the stairs:
I told him there was some buzzing coming from the boiler at night, and it's not the buzzing from my rabbit either!
He laughed.
When he came downstairs, he said the buzzing was the fan from the boiler.
I told him "It's about time the Council replaced the 15 year old boiler by now."
He replied,"It will be soon."
He checked the oven, and the gas meter under the stairs.
I thanked him for coming and said goodbye.
Tea at 3
I fried some beef, with mushrooms, onions and garlic.
Rolled out the pastry, added the bird.
In the oven that went.
While looking on Netflix,
I found a good series right up my street.
The amount of stars in it.
There are 3 seasons to binge on.
A new season started on ITV last month.
Time for pie!
Judge Ringer
One of teachers at my kids's school is leaving just before Easter.Both kids like him alot.
Ordered a Leaving Card and present.
As when favourite teachers leave, they leave a big hole.
My son is doing a English exam on Creative Writing on the subject Lost tomorrow.
We put our heads together and added more ideas to the great story.
His teacher said earlier that his story reminded him of the tv programme "Lost".
I never watched it. 
It just happens to be on Disney +
So my son started to watch the first series...
Hubby was visiting his dad.
I had some of my own bingewatching to do...
I had my sleep tea earlier than normal.
Hubby came back to have a sloppy wet 💋
He gave me today's newspaper.
Hubby started to fall asleep.
I sent him off to bed as I had the final episode to watch.
Brilliant ending to the first series \o/
Time for bed...
Or so I thought.
I couldn't nod off due to excess snoring.
Back to the sofa for me...
Oh well.....
Friday Feeling is back tomorrow 🎈





Friday, 12 February 2021

Breaking A New One In!

A good listener is not only popular everywhere, but after a while he gets to know something - Wilson Mizner
Welcome to the Friday Feeling 🎈
Warm hug with brew.
Kids were having a TE day, so they had a lie-in.
Hubby was working from home today.
I too enjoyed a lie-in.
Hubby bought me up a coffee a little time later.
Up I got afterwards.
Then out in the cold to fetch the newspaper.
One of my kids was up, so came out for some fresh air.
Newspaper got.
Nothing happened at my late dad's house.
Back home.
Quick read of the newspaper before lunch.
Ralph Bates  was an English film and television actor, known for his role in the British sitcom Dear John and the hugely successful TV drama Poldark.
He would have been 81 years old🎈
He died aged 51 in 1991.
Michael McDonald  is an American musician, singer-songwriter, keyboardist, and record producer known for his distinctive, soulful voice and as a member of the bands the Doobie Brothers (1975–1982, 1987, 2019–present) and Steely Dan (1974). McDonald wrote and sang several hit singles with the Doobie Brothers, including "What a Fool Believes", "Minute by Minute", and "Takin' It to the Streets". McDonald has also performed as a prominent backing vocalist on numerous recordings by artists including Steely Dan, Christopher Cross, and Kenny Loggins. 
He is 69 years old 🎈
The new duvet cover arrives \o/
Tea at 3.
Once hubby finishes work.
He and younger son goes off to do the food shopping.
I have yesterday's blog to write and keep an eye on the tonight's tea.
Once they come back.
Tea is served!
Chicken wrapped in bacon.
There was only one episode of Top of the Pops to watch tonight from 1990.
Next we watched  Roy Orbison:Love Hurts.
It was such a lovely documentary 
When he died in the December of 1988 I was working in a Newspaper Shop when it came across the radio he had died :(
Next up:
I still have to look away when that music starts..
Hubby was falling asleep and I was looking more at him than the movie.
Time to break in the new duvet cover 🎈


Thursday, 23 April 2020

Trying To Screw Me Over!

There are things money can't buy.. like manners, morals, and integrity - Hyacil Han
Welcome to another lockdown Thursday!
I enjoyed a hot hug and a nice cup of tea↓
 We had breakfast.
Got dressed.
Now for our daily walk↓
 Road empty↓
 Someone knocked over the sign↓
 The Newsagent didn't have my newspaper in.
We carried on to the next shop.
Skip full of a settee and armchairs↓
 Under the bridge we go↓
 Past my late dad's house↑
We get to Tesco Express.
It was closed until 9.25 for refiling of the shelves.
Off we went to walk home.
Someone could have put their empty wine bottle in their recycle bin↓
 Someone had some nice trees in their garden↓
 I had to go out in Sexy Beast to go to another newsagent a bit further away↓
 They didn't  have my normal newspaper, so I picked another newspaper.
I went past Tesco Express, the man that was waiting when we got there, was still waiting for it to open.
I went past my dad's house, and my younger brother's van was parked over the drive.
Gets back home with the newspaper↓
 Time for coffee and nibbles↓
Roy Orbison  was an American singer, songwriter, and musician known for his impassioned singing style, complex song structures, and dark, emotional ballads. Many critics described his music as operatic, nicknaming him "the Caruso of Rock" and "the Big O"He would have been 84 years old 🎈
 He died aged 52 in 1988
Lee Majors  is an American film, television and voice actor. Majors is best known for portraying the characters of Heath Barkley in the American television Western series The Big Valley (1965–1969), Colonel Steve Austin in the American television science fiction action series The Six Million Dollar Man (1973–1978), and Colt Seavers in American television action series The Fall Guy (1981–1986).He is 81 years old 🎈
 John Miles  is a British rock music vocalist, songwriter, guitarist and keyboard player, best known for his 1976 Top 3 UK hit single, "Music".He won the "Outstanding Musical Achievement" award at the 2017 Progressive Music Awards.He is 71 years old🎈🎈
   I write and publish yesterday's blog.

Time for another coffee and plum↓
 I receive some paperwork from the Solicitor dealing with my dad's estate.
The Prodical son is claiming
£2,200.00 for outstanding invoice for heating works.
(This when he installed the cheap boiler in my dad's house.My younger son said, he saw in my dad's cheque, my dad had wrote out a cheque for the above amount!)
Then another invoice was put in for:
Outstanding invoice for bathroom refurbishment = £2,895.00
Funny my dad gave him his BMW to cover the bill for the costs of him doing the bathroom.
He hasn't even finished the bathroom.
The shower curtain pole hasn't been fitted.
The cover for the bathroom light hasn't been fitted, even the mirror hasn't been fitted.My younger brother paid for the bathroom suite.
The balloon went up when I saw this.
So he is claiming £1600 off me and my younger brother.
The balloon 🎈 went up!
I phoned up my younger brother to say our arsehole brother is trying to screw us over.
I emailed the Solicitor, saying he has already been paid for doing the above jobs. I am not signing nothing until those invoices get taken out.
I have also found out, he has took all the photo albums out of the house.
So I have no photos of me as a baby up to the age of 30!
I have asked the Solicitor if I can have them back, or is he using them as dart board!
Once I sat out in the garden for lunch.
My phone rung it was my younger brother.
We chatted for over 3 hours about how devious our Prodical brother is trying to screw the estate of my dad for work he has already been paid for.
The Solicitor sent me a email, saying my dad has given the Prodical brother the car as a GIFT, and not for payment of the work for the bathroom.
I told the Solicitor:
I have two independent witness claiming my dad told them he was giving him the car as payment for the work done in the bathroom.
Can she ask for all the bank statements from 2015,as it will show my dad paid him for the heating work.
As all the bank statements has vanished from my dad's house and also the cheque books.
After I finished talking to my brother.
I got to work do some lots of chopping things for tonight's evening meal↓
   Chicken Curry↓
 We caught up with one episode of:
 I goes down to do some work and singing↓
  I gets home.
Changes into PJs.
Younger brother phones again.
Hubby went to bed after an hour.
After nearly 2 and half hours yakking.
I say goodbye to my brother.
I goes to bed with some nice cold hands...