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Saturday 4 March 2023

Going Back To The 90s

A verbal contract isn't worth the paper it's written on - Goldwynisms
Welcome to my Saturday Fun 😍
We lay in bed listening to Sounds of the 60s.
UK Top 3 from 1961 
3: Petula Clark - Sailor 
2: The Allisons - Are You Sure?
1:Everly Brothers
Ebony Eyes
Walk Right Back 
Breakfast and Brew
Thermal vest goes on.
Now out to get some fresh air...
Picked my order from Screwfix.
New door handles!
Popped into Morrisons to get the newspaper.
Nice :)
Back home.
Liquid lunch.
We wrote out the shopping list.
Back out...
Lidl shopping time...
Not my size :(
Nice price :)
Back home to unload the shopping.
Once put away.
Got tea on the go.
While that was cooking.
Let's look in this weekend's newspaper.
US No.1 on this day in 1967:
The Rolling Stones - Ruby Tuesday
US No.1 on this day in 2000.
Sleep Tea Time.
Now off to a warm bed with even warmer hands.



Sunday 25 April 2021

Searched And Found!

He's so tight that if you stuck a piece of coal up his ass in two weeks you'd have a diamond - Matthew Broderick
Welcome to my Sunday 👄
Hug and Brew.
I got up son who was doing his boxing lesson this morning.
Out in Sexy Beast first. 
Drops off son.
Checks tyres.
Gets coffee.
Drops off Sexy Beast.
Hubby checks his tyres and fills up for the week.
I nip to see my parents to have a chat.
Give them updates on what is happening... 
Picks up son from his Boxing lesson.
I get on with writing yesterday's blog post.
I also have another mission set by my neighbour to find the last remaining 2 books he needs.
Found them in 3 minutes of looking :)
Once blog has been wrote.
I have two weeks of newspapers to read.
But first we need to catch up with TOTP's from 1990.

The next episode...
Tea time.
I had to get things ready for work tomorrow. 
I had a nice hot shower.
Kids got their things ready for school tomorrow. 
Quick look in the weekend newspaper.
Andy Bell  is the lead singer of the English synth-pop duo Erasure. The duo is most popular in their native UK and mainland Europe (especially Germany, Denmark, and Sweden) and also in South America (especially Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Peru). The band is also popular within the LGBT community, for whom the openly gay Bell has become an icon. Erasure have penned over 200 songs and have sold over 25 million albums worldwide. Bell is known for his soulful voice and flamboyant stage persona which contrasts with bandmate Vince Clarke's low key and deadpan demeanor. 
He is 57 years old 🎈
Sleep tea time...
Back on the action fun packed Wobbly Work Wheel tomorrow 🎡


Saturday 3 April 2021

Puff! It's Gone!

 Dahling, I have enemies I've never met. That's fame! 
- Tallulah Bankhead
Welcome to my Saturday 😇
Hug with Brew!
Time for hubby and son to go food shopping before it gets too busy to move about.
We have our post early.
More Prima Makes mags↓
Now to get 2 blog posts wrote.
I just finished one, and hubby came back with the shopping, the younger son had done next door's shopping as well.
I write yesterday's blog post.
Both blog posts get published.
Now back out to pick up my 2 parcels from Alcester.
It still not that warm out!
Hubby checks his tyres.
We got past the place where the new Lidl's is going to be built.
Parks in the Waitrose car park.
There was only one parcel not two!!!!
I will double check my emails when I get back to the car.
We walk down the high street.
Back down the otherside to get a takeaway coffee.
Coffee and nibble time!
Checks my emails.
The parcel was delivered last Tuesday.
I goes back in, and they look again, it's not there.
I was told to phone up on Tuesday to see if it's appeared!
Back home for a light lunch↓
Catch up on 2 episodes of TOTP's from 1990.
Now for the next episode↓

Watched the last half an hour of "Evil Under The Sun."↓↓

The kids were out delivering leaflets with Joe.
(They had their tea before they went out)
We were having ours when they got dropped back.
Onto Netflix for the first film of the night.
Really good film!
Next up was a new 3 part series that came out last month.
"Murder Among The Mormons"
Really good twist at the end!
I caught up with 6 days of newspapers.
Including today's.
Waitrose mag.
Sleep tea time.
The sun is due out tomorrow...
Time to see my parents in the sunshine!