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Sunday, 14 October 2018

Adding Another One...

I was hoping the weather might improve today....
But first tea and breakfast in 🛏
The rain had come back again.
Still got to do some food shopping.
 First stop was Lidl.
While hubby and Jack went into town.
I had my Dunelm Experience. 

Now off to get a free coffee and newspaper
 Finally visited Morrisons
 Good Front Cover of Private Eye↑
Adding another CD to play in Sexy Beast ↑↑
 A Quick Boost↑↑
 Back home in the rain.
 Only spent £6 which I thought was very good for me at least!
Had a early tea.
Caught up on Friday's
 Now to carry on with watching about the Vietnam War.
 Had to leave it at episode 6.
As hubby reminded me,
Back on the Wobbly Work Wheel tomorrow. 

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Sunday Boost!

I woke up far too early...
Dish washer was put on, 
Quick play with hubby,
Then back to sleep...
Later on the tea came out...↓
 The big sunglasses came out↓
Now for a little ride to...↓↓
 We had a visit from a Fire Engine...
 Nice tables and chairs for the garden..
 After doing the food shopping...
Time for a Boost!
 After two hours of messing about,
trying to put the gate up....
We did it!
 Off to see my late mum...
(with flowers)
After long conversation,
We came home to clouds...
There was not a decent stuff to watch on telly.
Out came the boxset again...
I was thinking about playing with Kenny tomorrow.As he has been whimpering non stop since Kane arrived...
It might stop my baking hand from itching too!


Monday, 29 January 2018

I Can't Smile Without You...

Welcome to the wobbly wheel of Monday!
Another night of tossing and turning
due to my left arm hurting.
(Finding out the results next week \o/)
Once everyone had disappeared with a 💋
from me.
Time for
 Watched more..
Moved onto series 3.
Then realised I missed out on the last disc of series 2...
Needed a Boost after I found that out!
 Took my time in doing a bit of housework.
Foot still went up later on...
 Used up the kale, peppers, onions. spinach, for a nice healthy stir fry for tea.
 Made the hubby smile,
I kept the bed warm for his return...;)