Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Friday, 5 October 2018

Breaking The Chain...

Woo Hoo the Friday Feeling is back..
 Too much Friday Feeling for me,
Woke up too early.......
 3.30am and counting sheep....
The alarm went off...
Time for breakfast...
 Another Superhero t-shirt being worn today.
I watered my plants...💮💮
The lorry is back..over our drive.
 My Amazon order was on its way. I sat in the car, I kept looking up the road, no sign of the courier. I couldn't wait any more. I reversed off the drive, just got up the road, when a white van appeared parked outside my house with my Amazon order!
Picks up newspaper.
Pops into see my dad.
Said "Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!" to him.
 My mum passed away 5 years.
(She will be having some flowers tomorrow)
More great music to listen to...↓
 More nice views...
 Looking forward to listening to the new 60s music.
They arrived at last..↓↓
Time to celebrate with coffee↓
Now for chop chop....
Beef Cottage Pie with Cheesey mash
Caught up with:

Warmed up my hands...
As something needs some warmth..



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