Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday, 22 October 2018

Putting My Hands Up...

Welcome back to the  Monday Feeling..
Let's shake those cobwebs out..
 Nice breakfast in bed..
 Yum Yum.
Now to wear a Superheros t-shirt.
Gave everyone a big 💋 when they all left.
Enjoyed marmite and coffee.
 The sun is coming out↑↑
 The leaves need cleaning away,
When I get back.
I nip to the Newsagents to fetch the paper.
A great tune is on the radio.I just had to sing-a-long...with Neil & Dusty..↓↓
 Then more singing to be done on the way to work.
 I chill in Hanbury Hall's Car Park for 20 mins.
 Some nice Autumn views

 I had another sing-a-long to my dad's.
Made sure he was alright.
The temperature is going up up up↗
I had a lovely tea cake with coffee  

 Chocolate 🍫 was going at work↑↑
 The Police Helicoper was going over my house a lot.
 It was feeling like being in an Airwolf episode..↓
Put my hands up...
To wave....
After putting on the washing machine.
I went to do yet another job.
 Full Moon when I started Job↑
 Full Moon when I finished↓
Nice bit of Stir Fry to finish off Monday with↓
 I flopped on the bed and soon slept off the Monday Feeling...

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