Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Carry On Regardless

I am going to have a bad bad Tuesday...
The morning started off fine..
Tea in bed↓
 I was out early...
  B3 for my Webbs Experience↑
 Hot chocolate time!
 Enjoyed the chat and the drink.
Got some bad news via a phone call.
*I shouldn't have been paid for my Lollipop last month.
"The paperwork didn't get too us in time"
Says Payroll.
So they are taking off me in this month's wages.
Resulting in my redundancy amount is £100.
I had no letter about this, I found out by viewing this month's payslip on line *
Now to work in the sunshine.
 I had a good dinnertime.
Everyone was looking at my t-shirt.
 I gets home and I feel the warmth.
 Blue Skies
 Fruit & Nut Time..↑↑
Good job I don't have to drive to my next job.

Blocking of the drive again.
My neighbour came out of hospital in an ambulance, and because the lorry was blocking the drive, he had to get out on the road!
I received emails from my ex-boss and the Union saying the money has to come out this month's wages.
Carry on Regardless...I say  
Now to watch a show about baking to keep my mind off things..
 That's better, the mood has lifted.
Hopefully going to have a dry Hump tomorrow...🐪🐪🐪🐪 

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