Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday 1 March 2016

Meets Another Potty Mouth!!

After such a good day yesterday.
Someone with a potty mouth came along and spoiled the morning.
I was waiting in the rain, wearing the green wellies, just before I was due to start JOB 1
He pulled up over the road. His daughter got out, she waited to cross.
I shouts over to her,"I don't start until 8.15am!"
He then gets of the car, swearing very loudly!
I told him the reason.
"Who's going to cross over my f****** daughter now then???"
I said,"Ring the Council, it you got a problem!"
He wasn't having any to it.
Lots of swears came from that Potty Mouth.
He drove off, and left me to face my first shift of the day in March getting wet!
 I did have a nice surprise off Tesco via Twitter.
I nominated myself for "Born on Feb 29th" competition on Monday.
I wasn't in when they tried to deliver on Monday.
So I had the nice surprise today instead!


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