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Tuesday 14 March 2017

Talking Gets Me Into Trouble!

Time to use my cup I had for Valentine's Day..
I got talking to a parent for over an hour after I finished the morning shift of Job 1.
I nearly missed my coffee and chat date....
At least Larry got me there in no time
(No need to speed either!)
Had a lovely late brunch, with 2 cups of filter coffee and chat!
(No need for any light lunch)
While I let the brunch go down, I visited my dad and he was watching a black and white film....
Then off to fight my own terror of stopping cars using my magic lollipop stick!


Saturday 11 March 2017

Found A Use For It!

I wasn't hurrying myself out of bed today.
Nice to still have a cup of tea in there..
After a quick play with the Gear Stick
Had a great laugh at Carry on Camping...
Then Henry had some work to do...
 Hoovering out Larry...
Larry is back advertised on Ebay and Gumtree...
Uses for non-winning Lottery tickets.
My Willow has the answer....

Thursday 9 March 2017

Pass Me The Big Sunglasses...

Sunshine and blue skies!!
Time to make most of it...
Bucket and sponge time!
 Stripping off the layers of clothers,
Like an onion shedding its layers..
Then it was time to give Larry a rub down
After 2 hours, Larry is nice and clean.
 Larry finishes on Ebay tonight...
Let's hope someone likes having a ride with Larry!


Thursday 23 February 2017

Left To My Own Devices...

Dropped Larry off to have his MOT & things.
 Left to my own devices
 Avoiding Storm Doris....
(The green wheelie bins are dancing in the wind!)
 Had a little play with Henry
Then to play with some lemons for dessert for later....
Later on finds out I got the wrong things for Larry:(
Fuel Filter
Air Flow Filter Sensor
The Engine Cover did fit 
(but the bracket was missing on top of the engine )
At least Larry passed his MOT \o/
The money tree has turned into a twig now!
Best if I can suck on my lemon dessert!
 to get over the Larry car bill....

Sunday 29 January 2017

Shaking The Money Tree...

Car alarm over the road wakes us up far too early morning.
Once the alarm had finished.
We had the light display...
After a lie in.
Time to get Larry sorted.
Lots of Stupid Sunday Drivers about..
Fills him up with fuel
Then to check his tyres...
Now to source more bits for Larry.
His MOT is in two months away...
I hope the money tree isn't going to turn to a twig 
Once I have the bill....

Thursday 19 January 2017

Shake,Shake, Shake #4

I took Larry out for a nice ride to Sainsburys today
Won't be shopping in there too regularly
(too expensive!)
 (Something to take away the pain!)
I needed to find if a particular part of Larry's to see if it is easy to find and fit.
Had a hour of trying to find how to fit the part of YouTube
(No luck there)
I had a look under the bonnet
It looks like another trip to the garage.
Now to shake the little green bag of coins to pay for it.....

Friday 13 January 2017

Not Having Much Luck Today!

...Welcome to Friday 13th.
It was time for the thermal knickers to come out...
The snow came in,
Larry loved it...
 Nearly lost my hat and lollipop in the windy and snowy conditions
By the afternoon, it had all gone....
While doing the second part of Job 1.
I had to experience a bad case of Friday Madness.
I was crossing the road to stop the traffic,
When two school girls ran out ahead me into the road.
"Get back on the pavement" I bellowed at them.
They were two seconds away from being hit by a bus.....
Once I finished,
I got down and kissed the pavement....

Thursday 5 January 2017

Freezing My Brass Monkeys Off.

I needed my thermal knickers today.
Larry had to be scraped...
2 hats, 2 pairs of gloves, and 2 scarves for doing Job 1.
Not many Tank drivers this morning.
Added a new sticker to Larry....
After completing 3 jobs..
The roller boots were red hot...
Now to put my feet up,
Getting ready for the Feel Good Friday.... 

Monday 26 December 2016

Another Star Leaves Us :(

I was still in shock from the news of the death of George Michael.
Another 80's artist leaves us....
 It's been a terrible year for the famous dying.
I have been sending postive vibes to Carrie Fisher.
My house have been playing a lot of George's music today.
(so many good tunes!)
He may have gone, but his music will live on.
We had rare sunshine on this Boxing Day.
Someone was making full use of the sun's rays...

Thursday 22 December 2016

Hallelujah For Gerbils....

I was up a bit too early.
So early, I had to scrape Larry...
Then came back for a bit of a Christmas breakfast...
The conveyor belt for the homemade cards was going hyper speed...
Until I run out of time to do more....
I really need a _______ (fill in blank)
(Starts pulling at hair)
Glad I wasn't given any of the below↓↓
For Christmas....
(as I don't drink alcohol!)
 Hey ho, it's amazing what you can do with  a Christmas card....



Monday 5 December 2016

Getting Back On It!

Back on the Wobbly Work Wheel.
Another freezing day....
Thermal knickers are back on!
Nice sunrise...
I enjoyed singing backing vocals to 
T'Pau's "Heart and Soul" 
(That was playing on Asda FM)
while I scanning my shopping.
(Nice,loud and even in tune!)
Larry sat outside,
Watching the car park defrost.
Now to rest the vocal cords...
Even better, no singing needed to.....
 get back on it...
(Writing the new book!)

Sunday 6 November 2016

Suddenly I Can See!

Didn't have no problems sleeping through last night.
Quick play with Gear Stick,
 then out...for the count Zzzz
My Dougal haircut
 had to be cut back.....
I can see now!
(Feeling light headed now!)
Quick trip for our free coffee
  Then for the journey back home through some country lanes...
 Now to relax...
 watching hubby iron his and the kids's shirts......

Tuesday 25 October 2016

Anyone Want A Video?

After another lie in,
Cup of tea in bed.
We took Larry for a little ride.

Had to park further down the road, as the car park  opposite was full.

The video cassettes were piling up outside.
Pity I have most of them on video already...
At least someone was glad to see me..
 Got some great bargains....
I saw a great car when I dropped off Larry for some much needed work...