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Friday, 24 February 2017

Warm Hands Are The Answer!

Reached Feel Good Friday.
(This week has gone far too quick!)
Such a busy week next week.
Back to work & school on Monday \o/
My Birthday is Tuesday 🎈
(Getting more stupid not wiser each year!)
I walked over to my dads

(Larry's not ready to be collected yet)
↑Found more damage from Storm Doris..↑↑↑
Unfortunately my middle brother was at my dads,
(He was hoping for a Birthday Card off our dad...
( He forgot our dad's Birthday and Father's Day last year.))
So we carried on walking back home in the sunshine
Collected Larry later on with a new MOT.
 The Money tree is now growing from a twig...
Off for a early night to enjoy some much needed Friday Feeling, with warm hands and a even warmer hubby! 

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Left To My Own Devices...

Dropped Larry off to have his MOT & things.
 Left to my own devices
 Avoiding Storm Doris....
(The green wheelie bins are dancing in the wind!)
 Had a little play with Henry
Then to play with some lemons for dessert for later....
Later on finds out I got the wrong things for Larry:(
Fuel Filter
Air Flow Filter Sensor
The Engine Cover did fit 
(but the bracket was missing on top of the engine )
At least Larry passed his MOT \o/
The money tree has turned into a twig now!
Best if I can suck on my lemon dessert!
 to get over the Larry car bill....