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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Doing Something Special Together!

No lie-in on this Sunday morning.
The gear stick play was put on hold...
(give the chance for the well to fill up again)
We had a delivery of Gerbil bedding
(not bad going as I only ordered it last night!)
We had a road trip to Leamington Spa to pick up the new gerbil cage.
On the way back we nipped in somewhere to get some bargains....
Bargain after bargain....
Keeps us up to date in DVD watching...
Had to transfer Willow and Nutmeg to their new cage..
Then hubby and I did something *special* together...
Cleaned out the fish tank containing our other 3 gerbils.....
Warm hands at the ready!


Friday, 24 February 2017

Warm Hands Are The Answer!

Reached Feel Good Friday.
(This week has gone far too quick!)
Such a busy week next week.
Back to work & school on Monday \o/
My Birthday is Tuesday 🎈
(Getting more stupid not wiser each year!)
I walked over to my dads

(Larry's not ready to be collected yet)
↑Found more damage from Storm Doris..↑↑↑
Unfortunately my middle brother was at my dads,
(He was hoping for a Birthday Card off our dad...
( He forgot our dad's Birthday and Father's Day last year.))
So we carried on walking back home in the sunshine
Collected Larry later on with a new MOT.
 The Money tree is now growing from a twig...
Off for a early night to enjoy some much needed Friday Feeling, with warm hands and a even warmer hubby! 

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Having Far Too Much Of It!

I made the most of my warm hands on my hubby last night...
Once the lights went out,
I was in there.......
In fact I slept quite well afterwards!!
So damn horny, when I woke up,
 I jumped on hubby again before we got out of  bed...
He limped down the path to his car to work afterwards..
I meanwhile, went to work with a big smile.
He knows what is waiting for him when he comes back late from snooker tonight...
He may think I am asleep.
Once the lights are off, and he gets under the duvet cover...
My warm hands will be reaching out to him...... 

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Warm Hands To The Rescue!

Hi all!! I'm back now.
I have been ill since Monday evening.
I surfaced out of my bed to do something with my warm hands...
Play with the fondant? or make some Xmas cards?
Made about 11 Xmas cards for friends and family.
Now to make the most of Job 1 until next Friday( the kids break up from school for Xmas).
The one and only BMW driver went past me twice this morning.
She shouldn't need to worry about me ,catching her giving me the finger again.
I see it once, and it's nothing to boast about!

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Busy With My Warm Hands!

Today was to get more school uniform and get my book published.
Got some white shirts and black trousers.
We got some size 10 and size 9 adult trainers for P.E.
Now to get this book proof read!
Left hubby alone for an hour, and the book was read.
Fingers crossed it will be on Amazon tomorrow.
Now to celebrate with hubby, using my warm hands!