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Friday 11 December 2015

Watching Me, Watching You!

Woo hoo Friday is finally here...
Not long to go until the weekend!
Now to take it easy doing the following:
  1. Made more Xmas cards
  2. Posted Xmas cards
  3. Attempted to make a Lime Drizzle Cake
  4. Drinking very expensive Filter Coffee. 
I managed to stop the one and only finger flicking BMW driver
During my second shift of JOB 1, in full view of the Police.
Isn't Karma a wonderful thing ;)


Thursday 10 December 2015

Warm Hands To The Rescue!

Hi all!! I'm back now.
I have been ill since Monday evening.
I surfaced out of my bed to do something with my warm hands...
Play with the fondant? or make some Xmas cards?
Made about 11 Xmas cards for friends and family.
Now to make the most of Job 1 until next Friday( the kids break up from school for Xmas).
The one and only BMW driver went past me twice this morning.
She shouldn't need to worry about me ,catching her giving me the finger again.
I see it once, and it's nothing to boast about!

Monday 7 December 2015

Final Countdown....

Woo hoo back on the wobbly work wheel......
I now have two days left at Job 2..
So glad I wore my stab vest, still plenty of backstabbing...
Who am I going to give my stab vest to, after I leave?
I had a visit of 3 Police Officers in the afternoon shift of Job 1.
While they were there, the Facebook Troll was so so quiet...
Even the BMW driver kept her finger down...
Fingers crossed hubby has his car back tomorrow,
As he waited for a bus in Evesham, his bus didn't stop.
Hubby finally got home, 2 hours late.
He had a lovely warm hug off me.... 

Wednesday 2 December 2015

I Know The Law!

Welcome to Hump Of The Week.
I am still feeling iffy!
Went to Job 1 this morning.
I told a BMW car driver NOT to park on the Zig Zags lines.
"I know the law!" She barked at me.
I now have only got 3 days left at Job 2.
(counting down the days & got the balloons ready)
Got 2 Xmas cards through the post...
I think tomorrow I might have to start making the Xmas cards....
And have a quick play with Henry.....