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Monday, 28 December 2020

Making Out With Fred!

Behind every successful man stands a woman. And behind her stands his wife. - Fat Weldon
Welcome to my Monday👯
(Still no Wobbly Work Wheel 🎡 to worry about until next week \o/)
Something was happening outside 🌨 
Last time we has snow was 2 years ago when Beast of the East came calling.....
Now for some brew to ease the excitement.
I got a warm hug off hubby and fell back to sleep Zzzzz
After a while, we got up to explore outside.
(The Green recycle bins wasn't emptied on Christmas Eve, I hope they will be emptied this week!)
Not enough to make a snowman
The wind has been busy....
Blowing my Xmas decs about the garden↑
Back in the house, it's freezing out here!
Coffee time!
Followed by a quick lunch.
I wrote yesterday's blog post.
Now to enjoy for Disney +
then the final 5 episodes of:
We watched the final episode of three about the music from television↓
All about TV themes and music in television programmes.Really good 3 programmes!
Nice easy tea↓
Chas Hodges was an English musician

  and singer who was the lead vocalist of the musical duo Chas & Dave. He would have been 77 years old 🎈.
He died aged 74 in 2018.
Paul Walden  commonly known as Guru Josh, was a Jersey musician, active in the British post-acid house scene, best known for his début single "Infinity", initially released in 1989 on Walden's record label, Infinity Records. The song was re-released in 1990 by BMG Records, and then re-released in 2008 by Darren Bailie, who created the Guru Josh Project. The song was released again in 2012.
He died aged 51 in 2015.
I cut the material out ready to make more facemasks tomorrow↓
Sleep Tea Time...
Off to a warm bed with a even warmer hubby!





Monday, 19 March 2018

You Can Never Know When You Need It!

Welcome to the *Monday Feeling*
Everyone had a big 💋  before they left.
I looked out of the window..
 The white stuff still there!
I had to sort out my craft crap.
Four huge boxes.....
What was I going to find in there???
I found loads of ribbons...
 plus loads of loose ribbon.....
I found tonnes of....
 I even found some Italian wool I bought from the Hobbycraft show at the NEC in 2012.
A friend who I went with asked in 2013, if I still had the wool?
I replied "Yes".
"You should sell it if you are not using it!"
I tapped my nose, and said:
"You never know when you will need it!"
(Only a True Hoarder would say that ;))
To solve the problem with having all this lovely felt, 
I bought a book off Amazon....
 Looking forward to making things....
Time for chop chop...
Used up all the Quail eggs we bought Saturday...
Nice healthy stir fry to go with it.
I had a massive reading catch up with the newspapers from the weekend ....
With a little help from..
Back to playing with Kenny tomorrow! 



Saturday, 17 March 2018

It's Coming Back...

No chance of a lie in for me.
My wind chimes were banging together.
Downstairs for a cup of tea..↓↓

Listened to Sounds of the 60's....
My favorite song came on...
Turn it up up up Alexa↑↑↑
After I wrote out the shopping list,
Took a cup of tea up to a sleeping hubby.
As we are off to a Craft Event at the NEC tomorrow.
So shopping was being done today.
Once hubby and kids went to do the food shopping.
I made full use of a empty King Size Bed for an hour.
My Bake Off pack arrived...
 Now for coffee and read the latest Lidl mag for offers...↓↓
 When hubby came back,
It started to snow...
 Once its stopped.
Time for a ride out.... 
 Going to enjoy a walk about in here..↓
 Coffee time↓↓
 Newspaper and coffee↓
The snow is coming...⛄
 Gets back home....
Chop chop time.
Whips up....↓
 Pittas with beef, spinach, onions, black olives.
Then we watched countless episodes of
Bullseye from 1983 ↓
 They couldn't get rid of the star prize of the speed boat...
They were showing them until 7am tomorrow morning. We taped the rest, and finally torn ourselves from the television just after midnight.
Looked out of the window.....
The Beast From the East is back! ⛄☃

Monday, 5 March 2018

Trying It, Leaving It, Then Singing It.

The wobbly Monday wheel is back...
I was up early enjoying a sneaky cuppa..
Hubby is back to work,
The kids are back to school..\o/
The snow is slowly leaving us...
 I gave everyone a big 💋
Before they all left.
Done a mass tidy up.
All the windows open to let some fresh air in.
That better!
Nibbles time..↓
 I started on a Poetry course at last...
After two hours of brain burn...
Lunch is needed!
 My gifts for my mum for Mother's Day arrived.
I am now completed the third of the eleven parts of the Poetry Course...
I'm leaving it now until tomorrow.
I need to rest the brain....
Just going to chill to some nice 70's music, 
Perhaps some light singing along too....



Sunday, 4 March 2018

Waxing The Hook...

I got up far too early for a Sunday..
 Nibble time...
 I was making a good friend's Get Well Card,
As I am dropping in to see her later in hospital.
Coffee and crochet hook primed and ready.
 Card done \o/
The temperature outside is going ↑↑↑
Now to have a little ride to hospital...
 The snow going at last..
 Magazines and card ready to be dropped off..
 Breathing in some fresh air...
After having a good yak,
With my friend and a Nurse I made friends with while I was in the same Ward.
Hubby went to do the food shopping in Lidl.
Beg steal or borrow a loaf of bread!!
Looks like my breadmaker has to be dusted down and the plug re-attached...
 Going going going?
 It starts to rain...
 Then we have a double rainbow 🌈
 We had a nice shepherd's pie with sliced potatoes.
(As my kids don't like mashed potato!)
Then kids had to get all the school things ready for tomorrow..
(lots of groans soon followed)
I will be starting my Poetry course while the house is quiet.
(Not much chance of there being quiet, while I do my little sing-a-longs...)