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Thursday, 19 April 2018

The Sunshine Made Me Do It!

Welcome to sort out Thursday.
The sun was back again  😎 
I had to sort out all my haberdashery gear...
First sewing box emptied..
 Plenty of eyes...
Plenty of lace..
 I came across this little bag I bought off ebay years ago. Look what I found in there....↑↑
 Dinner outside in the sunshine..
Finally sorted out all my haberdashery stuff!
Found some interesting books..
Put all the sewing boxes back...
Went for a little ride....
(To clear some cobwebs)
 Nice Apple Blossom.
I bumped into a old school friend.
Chat chat time.
While at the self service till,
I showed him the most important things in my trolley...
He replied:"You have bought some scones to go with them?"
I laughed.
While waiting at the petrol station,
I turned on the radio...
A great song was on...
I couldn't hold back
I had to sing-a-long with backing vocals...🎢🎢
The looks I had
(As the car window was open)
The more looks I had...
The louder I sung...
(I blame the sunshine,
Is my excuse for backing vocals) 
The song is today's pop video..
Getting ready to welcome the Friday Feeling! 


Thursday, 14 July 2016

Enjoying The Pink Sunshine Again

Had another fun day of trying to cross the children over the road (safely)(and in the sunshine)
One particular parent (who I have history with) either had to stop or have a cracked windscreen.
She stopped at the last minute, and I felt the blast of her icy stare...
I finally got round to packing up older son's present for his 21st Birthday next Wednesday.
And a present for a good friend whose birthday is at the end of the month.
 Larry got in touch with his feminine side by his pink seat covers..
Let's see when I go back to work on the September 5th, when parents realise what time I actually start in the afternoon!