Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday 7 July 2016

Rubbing The Pole

I have had better Thursdays in the past...
No sign of Larry either (That's pissing me off no end!)
Got dropped off in my summer coat,summer hat and big sunglasses for job in the morning.
Then it rains!!
Great....lets play getting soaked to my knickers  game!
The last few minutes of my shift ( I realised I have a stalker who likes to watch me playing with my lollipop until the end of my shift..Getting him excited by rubbing my stick up and down with my warm hand :P)
Borrowed an umbrella from my dad to walk home
Then it rains again!
Later on walked back to my dad's to reach for the sexy luminous coat.
I see I now own a invisible Lollipop stick.
Motorists couldn't see it high in the air,
No stopping for it...
Might have to add blue sparkling Xmas lights around it tomorrow...

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