Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday 24 January 2016

I'm Starting To Look A Lot Like Dougal....

Hey hey hey it's Sunday...
I was looking a lot like Dougal the Dog, with a very large fringe (from Magic Roundabout)
So I had a trim of the fringe, and now I can see fully!
Enjoyed a free coffee and bargains at Waitrose.
I had fun with a car salesman who tried to take the piss with the part exchange price on my hubby's car.
I rolled my eyes when I saw the price he offered.
Hubby guessed I wasn't happy when I kicked his leg very hard under the table!!
So no car sale for the Salesman, and no upgrade for hubby.
Never mind, he hasn't quite got a Fred Flintstone car just yet!

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