Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Never Enough Batteries....

What a day I have had!
I takes hubby down to our A&E as he was coughing up blood during the night.
After 4 hours of being tested, he has got viral infection on his chest/throat.
So I will be looking after him with my warm hands :P
At Job 2 after they learnt of hubby not being well.
" No sex for you then!" Said one co-worker
"I'm alright, I have a rabbit!" I replied.
"You go through a lot of batteries then?"
"I buy in bulk" I laughed.
"I know of a industrial strength car battery charger if you run out of batteries," one replied.
"If you ever wonder why the lights dim around here, I am too blame!" I replied,winking back at them
The 3 men had chronic blushes, when I left. My work here was done!

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