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Friday 23 September 2016

Having A Good View?

The sun was shining on this Feel Good Friday..
Had enough of the Friday Madness while doing Job 1.
Went to Webb's to enjoy their coffee.
Larry enjoyed his view...
 Had a woman kept staring at me while I was enjoying my coffee.
After the final time of staring, I stared at her long enough, for her to look away.
I was going to ask her if she wanted a photo
if she stared at me again....


Monday 12 September 2016

I'm In The Mood For.....

Welcome to Monday Feeling....
I had a rather quiet first shift of Job 1.
Breaking a new CD  in Larry..
I did a lot of singing along while on my trip to Webb's...
Great song after great song..
(Just hope I don't make it rain!)
Larry enjoyed being parked on the grass..
 It was such a nice thrill to do yet more singing on the way back....
If I only could fit a big glitter ball on top of Larry.....

Monday 25 April 2016

Hot Wax Time!

Back on the wobbly work wheel....
Bad driving carried on from Friday..
The orange van slammed on the brakes,
As it nearly took away my legs:
 I looked up and he was talking on his phone :(
Oh dear, dear dear. Not good!
Had a lovely time at Webb's,
Coffee, chat and toast!
Bought another can of Whipped cream.
Had so much fun using the remaining cream last night,
(Hubby couldn't escape, as he was tied to bed, with a orange in his mouth(for vitamin C))
The ideas for my new book are flowing...
I have a VERY eager hubby who loves testing out my ideas...
Next idea, hot candle wax dripped on.....

Friday 4 March 2016

Time To Be In The SideSaddle For A Bit.....

At last, It's Friday
Time to put on thermal knickers and scrape the windscreen.
Two of everything I was wearing, scarves, hats and gloves.
Panic Friday starts, cars were in no hurry to stop!
Enjoyed a late breakfast with a fine filter coffee at Webb's.
Enjoyed playing with the letters at Hobbycraft
(My twitter name)
 Finally Finished the last shift of the week.
It then started to snow.
The pain was getting unbearable
 I had to visit the GP Out of Hours Service.
Dose of Antibiotics, and hopefully the lump won't move!
Best to opt for the Sidesaddle for a bit...

Friday 12 February 2016

Funky Chicken Dancing!

Woo hoo I have got this Friday Feeling so bad!
I enjoyed a late breakfast and chat at Webb's.
It's wasn't cold as yesterday.
So nobody was Tank driving (see yesterday's blog post about it)
It's the last day of school and work for a WHOLE WEEK!
Valentine's Day on Sunday....
No cake or chocolate for hubby or me.
I still can use my warm hands...;P
Time to celebrate with funky chicken dance moves  in the Living Room
With the curtains  wide open!


Monday 18 January 2016

Touching The Arse!!

Back on the wobbly work wheel,
Got wet, and dodged cars on the 1st shift of JOB 1
Went to Webb's to enjoy coffee and toast.
On the way back home..
I experienced what Dennis Weaver put up with in the film "Duel"
This lorry driver was driving right up my arse!
 It was that close, I couldn't read his licence plate number.
Got to the traffic lights at Hanbury Turn Pub.
I was driving 5 mph as there was a queue at the Traffic lights.
The lorry driver  slammed his brakes on behind me!
It nearly took me out on the Aldi's roundabout.
Like Dennis Weaver in the film, I made it out alive....just!

Friday 15 January 2016

Size Matters

We were supposed to have loads of snow over night!
Yeah right.....
Just a little sprinkle....
Still freezing cold.....
Went to Webb's for a half price breakfast...
Roll on the weekend...
As we are doing the shoe hunt.
Both children needing more big school shoes.
The way it's going..
 they will be wearing clogs....(they never wear out!)


Sunday 20 December 2015

The Tale Of Two Santas

Another action packed Sunday.
First we looked around at Webb's.
Even looked around the huge free garden.
Then off to Waitrose for a free coffee.
Got more white fondant icing as it was only £1.50 for 500g!
Been slaving away making the Xmas cake.
Finally finished!
It's called "The Tale Of Two Santas!"
The bad Santa is in cuffs.
The good Santa arrives with Mrs Santa and 3 Reindeers!
Mrs Santa delivers the pie!

Friday 16 October 2015

Welcome Back Henry!

At last Friday is here....
Henry the hoover has been resurrected!
So I gave him a good work out this morning!
I visited Webb's for a overdue coffee.
I done 3 jobs today, and it was time to take off the roller skates.
I quickly whipped up a Leek and Goat's Cheese tart for tea.
The alarm clock will be turned off this weekend.
Now time to relax, feet up, Zzzzzz

Friday 2 October 2015

Need For Speed

Woo hoo it's Friday once more.
Up at 4.30am, with the first coffee of the day.
Out I went into the early morning with the stars.
Did 2 jobs before 9.05am.
I was travelling to Webb's.
A blue Corsa was trying to overtake me.
Not enough power under that bonnet for that.
Lost it on the way.
Then it found some power and was sticking to me like glue...
Only I went I turned into Webb's car park, they followed!
While I was tucking into my bacon sandwich,
I could feel two pairs of eyes watching...