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Friday, 8 September 2017

Having A Sarcastic Moment....

At last I have made it to Friday!
Had to put up with Friday Madness for Job 1
Inbetween the showers, we had sunshine :)
 It was getting like Upstairs Downstairs syndrome at one of my Jobs.
Being spoke to like crap,
Having to curtsy upon leaving the room etc. 
I had enough and had to drop in some sarcasm....
"Until I can walk through walls and a locked door...
I can't clean it!" I replied....
Off with the pink roller boots for this week..
Now to enjoy some liquid Friday Feeling...


Friday, 23 June 2017

Time To Boogie...

At last, time for some Friday Feeling....
A little bit of the Friday Madness for the first part of Job 1.
Popped to town for a little upgrade of my earrings..
Was going to have a picnic in the local park BEFORE Job 2.
However it was way too windy...
So I had in my Sexy Beast instead...
I gave out the Gold Lunchtime Stickers for those children that has been, good, helped, and had good manners this week.. for Job 2.
Just before I started to do the final part of Job 1.
A Diamond bus broke down in front of me....
The fun I had!!
Just about finished in one piece..
After the 4th Job tonight...
Time to kick off my steaming hot roller boots,
 and enjoy some Boogie Time into the weekend \o/ 

Friday, 6 January 2017

Wet & Moist In 2017

Grabbing hold onto this Friday Feeling....
It's wasn't too cold for the first shift of Job 1.
One van had 2 choices...
Stop or his windscreen be smashed.
He stopped 
(good lad)
There was more chaos, bedlam, & madness for the first shift.
 Played with a screwdriver when I got home..
 Rain came down for second part of Job 1.
First appearence of 2017 for.... 
 Now to enjoy more Friday Feeling with hubby....

Friday, 9 December 2016

Lumo Lemon Time!

Sadly lacking this Friday Feeling..
Still waiting to hear from school on what they are doing about what happened on Wednesday.
As we are having dark mornings,
Some people are driving around with one bulb or no lights on at all.
In a good way I am dressed like a lumo lemon..
After the Friday Madness of first part of Job 1.
Time for chill with coffee...
 Mystery packet time...
At least it's not ticking...


Friday, 2 December 2016

Not Hoping For A Empty Sack...

Had an early night....
Resulted in a early cup of tea..
Back to sleep afterwards....
Woke to find no frost, and not as cold as it has been.
So the thermal knickers were put in the wash.
 Had two bouts of Friday madness from both shifts of Job 1.
So nice to put the polish and duster away for the weekend
 Looking ahead for Xmas
 Good job hubby isn't expecting a lot in his sack, a kiss and a quick grab of his balls if he is lucky....


Friday, 23 September 2016

Having A Good View?

The sun was shining on this Feel Good Friday..
Had enough of the Friday Madness while doing Job 1.
Went to Webb's to enjoy their coffee.
Larry enjoyed his view...
 Had a woman kept staring at me while I was enjoying my coffee.
After the final time of staring, I stared at her long enough, for her to look away.
I was going to ask her if she wanted a photo
if she stared at me again....


Friday, 9 September 2016

Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive & Dodge

Woo hoo Friday is finally here.
I handed my trophies back in,
 I can't enter this year to retain them.
No time, no money, no enthusiasm are my reasons.
I had to deal with the normal Friday Madness with my Job 1
Just to add to my woes, ex-plum is trying to dodge paying his maintenance to me for our kids. A crazy scheme he is trying to rope me in to agreeing.(No Chance!)
 Once November comes, he will have to mandatory pay it....
Now to enjoy the what's left of the Friday Feeling......


Friday, 27 May 2016

Driving Me Crazy.

The Friday Feeling soon vanished this afternoon.
Too be replaced by Friday Madness
Roll on to the second shift of JOB 1 
Went to cross over the road, taxi shot out of the junction, straight in front of me.
If I hadn't moved out of the way,I would have been knocked down.
This certain offending taxi driver has tried 3 times before to knock me down.
I feel like a cat minus 4 lives!
So glad it's my last day at work for 10 days.
Now to enjoy some much deserved Friday Feeling with a early night with warm hubby in even warmer bed!

Friday, 9 January 2015

Friday Madness

I had a bout of Friday madness.
First I had a car driver give a V sign in response to me trying to get him to stop!
"And to you I shouted to him" very loudly!
I bought something off EBay,
What a surprise, the sender didn't put enough postage on!
Off to my Royal Mail Delivery Office
I was given my large letter.
I sniffed it, and said,"No money in there then!"