Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Friday 23 June 2017

Time To Boogie...

At last, time for some Friday Feeling....
A little bit of the Friday Madness for the first part of Job 1.
Popped to town for a little upgrade of my earrings..
Was going to have a picnic in the local park BEFORE Job 2.
However it was way too windy...
So I had in my Sexy Beast instead...
I gave out the Gold Lunchtime Stickers for those children that has been, good, helped, and had good manners this week.. for Job 2.
Just before I started to do the final part of Job 1.
A Diamond bus broke down in front of me....
The fun I had!!
Just about finished in one piece..
After the 4th Job tonight...
Time to kick off my steaming hot roller boots,
 and enjoy some Boogie Time into the weekend \o/ 

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