Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

One Hot,Sweaty Hump!

Welcome to a hot sweaty hump of the week..
It was getting hotter by the minute..↗↗↗
I was dressed head to foot in white
(Trying to keep cool!)
Those Big Big Sunglasses came out..
So did the water!
 It was getting well warm to do afternoon shift of Job 1.
 Some of the parents asked if I was hot enough in my lumo coat?
I replied:
"I have baby wipes inserted where baby wipes are not supposed to go to keep cool....!"
Tumble bush moment..
I carried on:
"Hubby will have to remove them later....!"
After finishing in one piece,
 The temperature went up a bit more...↗↗↗
 Even with the sun going down..↘↘↘
It was still was 27c...!!!
Hopefully the temperature will soon go down ↘↘↘ 

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