Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday 8 June 2017

Lying Back & Thinking Of England...

Got up early to vote in the General Election.
 It was starting to get busy,
Once we left.
After Job 1: I had to go to the Doctors.
Where I had to lie back and think of England.
The car jack was hiked up...
Now to have a smear test done 🙄🙄 
Then off to Job 4.
The stickers went down well!
(2 pages of stickers was given out)
 I have found a website that sells stickers by bulk......and not to expensive either!
 I was in two minds to change back into my summer coat from my winter coat while doing the afternoon shift of Job 1....
Good thing I did stick with my Winter coat,
as the rain came down, 
just as the kids came out of school.....


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